Southern Summer A 9 Course Delta Voyage


Friday, June 7th, 2024 β€’ Cocktail Hour 6PM β€’ Dinner Starts 7PM

Embark on a “Southern Summer: A Delta Voyage THC Dinner Experience,” where each course takes you on a journey through the flavors of the South, all enjoyed in the beautiful setting of North Carolina. This plant-based feast, delicately infused with legal THC, elevates the experience, turning a meal into a magical adventure. Join us for an evening where every bite is a taste of Southern elegance and charm!

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The Delta Voyage Dinner Experience

🌞🍽️ Southern Summer: A 9 Course Delta Voyage THC Dinner Experience 🌿✨

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that captures the essence of a languid Southern summer evening, set in the heart of North Carolina! The Dirty V proudly presents “Southern Summer: A Delta Voyage Dinner Experience.” Step into a world where the charm of the South meets the innovation of plant-based cuisine, all infused with a touch of legal THC magic.

🌿🍴 A Taste of Southern Elegance 🍴🌿

Indulge in a prix fixe menu that showcases the flavors and spirit of the South, reimagined through a plant-based lens. From comforting classics to inventive twists, this dinner is a celebration of Southern hospitality with a sophisticated, herb-friendly flair.

β˜€οΈ Ethically Crafted, Soulfully Infused β˜€οΈ

Chef Lelia Kidd brings her culinary expertise to the table, creating a menu that marries the heart of the South with the innovation of plant-based cuisine. Each dish is thoughtfully infused with legal THC, adding a layer of warmth and relaxation to your dining experience. Embrace the laid-back charm of a Southern summer evening as you savor every bite.

πŸ“… Save the Date for a Southern SoirΓ©e! This isn’t just a dinner; it’s an immersive journey into the soul of the South, hosted in the welcoming atmosphere of The Dirty V. Reserve your spot at our Southern Summer Delta Voyage table for an evening of unforgettable flavors, warm hospitality, and THC-infused delights. 🌞🍽️